2017 Kids On Classics Movie Schedule

Jan    The Curse of the Cat People 1944


Feb   My Favorite Wife         1940

Mar   Road to Utopia             1945

Apr   Top Hat                         1935

May  It Started with Eve       1941

June The Big Store                1941

July Stage Door Canteen     1943

Aug   The Parent Trap           1961


Sept  Good News                   1947

Oct    Tales of Manhattan     1942

Nov   The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

Dec   It’s a Wonderful Life          1946

These girls had a great time watching “Bells are Ringing”.  A movie about a switchboard operator, played by Judy Holliday, who falls in love with a playwrite, played by Dean Martin.  Things get complicated when a *bookie sets up a phone line where the switchboard operator works.


*slang for book maker, a person who places bets on horses for people who gamble